A Bird's Nest

This figure was shown me by the two Navaho girls from Gallup, New Mexico.


First: Arrange the loop of string in the "First Position" on the left hand, and as a single, uncrossed loop around the little finger of the right hand. Draw the strings tight (Fig. 719).

Fig. 719

Second: Put the thumb and index of the right hand, from above, behind the string crossing the left palm, and draw the loop out to the right (Fig. 720), at the same time by widely separating the right thumb and index, and turning the hand up to its usual position, you put a crossed loop on each of these fingers (Fig. 721).

Fig. 720
Fig. 721

Third: With the left index pick up from the right index, from below and on the far side of the right near index string, the right far index string (which passes to the near side of the right thumb) (Fig. 722), and separate the hands.

Fig. 722

Fourth: Bend each thumb away from you over the far thumb string and over the index loop, and pick up from below, on the back of the thumb, the near little finger string, and return the thumb to its original position (Fig. 723).

Fig. 723

Fifth: Bend each middle finger toward you over the index loop and the string which crosses the palm, and take up, from below, on the back of the middle finger, the far thumb string (not the palmar string) (Fig. 724, Left hand), and return the middle finger to its position (Fig. 724, Right hand).

Fig. 724

Sixth: Release the loops from the thumbs and little fingers, and extend the figure by keeping the middle finger loops up on the tips of those fingers, and by pulling each far index string down to the palm with the ring and little fingers, at the same time drawing each near index string toward you with the thumb (Fig. 725).

Fig. 725

The first three movements of this figure are new, and do not occur in any other figure; of these the Second is particularly interesting.