Fence Around a Well

This game is a continuation of "The Well"; it is called Sihnag, = "a Fence Around a Well" in Lifu, Loyalty Islands. It was taught Drs. Rivers and Haddon by the same native who taught them "The Well" (p. 149, Fig. 3).


First: Form "The Well."


Second: Pass each thumb away from you and put it up under the two near index strings, close to the index (Fig. 187); then, with the thumb and index of the right hand, pick up from the back of the left thumb the lower single left thumb loop, and draw it over the upper two loops and off the thumb, and drop it on the palmar side.

Fig. 187

With the thumb and index of the left hand, in the same manner, pick up the lower single right thumb loop, and draw it over the upper two loops, off the thumb, and drop it.

Release the loops from the index fingers.


Third: Take all the fingers of each hand out of the lower loops which they have been holding, and let the figure hang on the thumbs (Fig. 188). Then put the four fingers of each hand toward you into the ring-like loops held by the thumb; remove the thumb; close the middle, ring and little fingers on the palm, and separate the hands (Fig. 189).

Fig. 188
Fig. 189

String Figure Notation (SFN)

  1. Do A Well
  2. T pu 2nFS:naT:re F&L, kl
  3. FMRL mt-th TN, re T:ex F up

There are few string figures in which the final pattern is extended in such a simple manner as in this one.