I call this trick with the string "Hanging" merely because it is done around the neck. I saw it done by the Filipinos of the Linao Moro and Negrito tribes. Dr. Furness was shown it in the Caroline Islands by the girl "Dakofel."


First: Put your head through the loop of string, and let the rest of the loop hang down in front of you.


Second: Pass the right string around the neck from the left side, draw the loop tight, and let it hang down in front of you.


Third: Put the hanging loop on the hands and form Opening A, taking up the left palmar string first (Fig. 764).

Fig. 764

Fourth: Pass the index loops over the head (Fig. 765) (you may release the loops from the little fingers to increase the size of the index loops), and remove the hands from the other loops.

Fig. 765

Fifth: A loop now hangs down in front of you, and if you pull on it, or on either string of it, all the strings will come off the neck.

String Figure Notation (SFN)

  1. Put SN around neck
  2. rH gr rS and tw ar neck
  3. OA with hS: re LN: L pu fFS
  4. ex H up over head, put head into FLN: re T: ex qu

The reason for the strings coming off the neck, after you have apparently wound them on securely, is because when you put the index loops over the head you reverse the direction of the strings already on the neck and they are no longer wound around on it.