A Variation of "Ten Men"

Dr. Furness obtained this figure also from "Emily," the Natik woman.


First, Second and Third movements are the same as the First, Second and Third of "Ten Men."


Fourth: Pass each thumb away from you under the index loops, and pick up on the back of the thumb the near little finger string, and drawing the thumb toward you pick up also on its back the lower far index string and return the thumb to its position (Fig. 349).

Fig. 349

Fifth: The same as the Fifth of "Ten Men."


Sixth: With the teeth pick up both the right lower near thumb strings close to the right thumb, and draw them over the tip of the thumb, and let them drop on the palmar side, being careful not to disturb the upper thumb loop. In the same manner with the teeth draw the two left lower near thumb strings over the tip of the left thumb.


Seventh and Eighth: The same as the Seventh and Eighth of "Ten Men."


Ninth: Repeat the Fourth movement (Fig. 350).

Fig. 350

Tenth: The same as Fifth movement of "Ten Men."


Eleventh: Repeat the Sixth movement.


Twelfth and Thirteenth: The same as Twelfth and Thirteenth of "Ten Men" (Fig. 351).

Fig. 351

This figure is like "Ten Men"; the difference is produced in the Fourth movement, where you draw toward you on the thumb the lower far index string in addition to the near little finger string.