Big Star

This is still another of the figures taught me by the two Navaho girls from Gallup, New Mexico.


First: Opening A.


Second: Pass each thumb away from you over the far thumb string and the near index string and under the far index string and both strings of the little finger loop; then, drawing the thumb toward you, take up on the back of its tip the far little finger string and bring it toward you, under the near little finger string and through the index loop, by restoring the thumb to its position (Fig. 132).

Fig. 132

Third: Now complete the figure by doing the Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth and Seventh movements of "Many Stars" (Fig. 133).

Fig. 133

String Figure Notation (SFN)

  1. OA
  2. T mo-th FN pu-pt fLS
  3. M mo FN pu bfTS:re T
  4. T mo-th FN pu-pt fLS:re L
  5. T mo FN pu MN
  6. F mo-pu tTN:T pu tnFS
  7. NE

This figure differs from "Many Stars" only in the second movement. In "Many Stars" it is the near little finger string that is drawn toward you over the index loop. In this figure it is the far little finger string which is drawn toward you through the index loop—in other words, the Second movement is like the Fourth.