A Third Owl

An active imagination is required to find this Owl.


First, Second and Third: Similar to the First, Second and Third movements of "Many Stars."


Fourth: Put each thumb from below into the index loop, then bend it away from you over the far index string and under all the other strings; now, drawing the thumb toward you, catch on its back the far little finger string, and return the thumb to its position, thus drawing the far little finger string through the index loop. Release the loops from the little fingers.


Fifth: Complete the f1gure by doing the Fifth, Sixth and Seventh movements of "Many Stars" (Fig. 113).

Fig. 113

The figure will be extended more perfectly if you give the upper index string one more turn around the tip of each index finger.

The only difference between the movements of this figure and those of "Many Stars" is in the Fourth movement; you draw the far little finger string back through the thumb loop from above, instead of from below.