A Turtle

This Caroline Islands figure was shown to Dr. Furness by the young Uap girl "Dakofel."


First: Put the string around the upright finger of a second person, and then holding the strings untwisted in your right and left hands, take a second turn around the other person's finger with the right string.


Second: Put both hands from below through the long loop (Fig. 613); then swing each hand over and to the outside of the string of the same side, around the string, up toward you and again through the loop (Fig. 614). This movement puts a turn on each wrist. With the thumb and index fingers of both hands catch the ring which is around the finger of the second person (Fig. 615), and pull it toward you, and by separating the hands, the cross string of the loop, thus formed, comes under the original right and left strings (Fig. 616). Now let the loop slip off both wrists, and you get a second cross string over the two right and left strings, and a loop is held by the thumb and index of each hand (Fig. 617).

Fig. 613
Fig. 614
Fig. 615
Fig. 616
Fig. 617

Third: Put each hand from below through the loop held by the thumb and index, and with each little finger take up from below, in the bend of the finger, between the finger of the other person and the cross strings, the outside string of the two strings passing to the other person (Fig. 618). With the thumbs take up, from the near side, the far cross string (the string crossing over the four strings passing to the other person) (Fig. 619). Then the second person withdraws the finger, and you separate the hands, put them in the usual position, and draw the strings tight (Fig. 620). You now have a loop on each wrist, a loop on each thumb and a loop on each little finger.

Fig. 618
Fig. 619
Fig. 620

Fourth: Holding the loops securely on the thumbs and little fingers, turn the hands with the fingers pointing down, and shake the wrist loops off the hands. Separate the hands, and restore them to their usual position (Fig. 621).

Fig. 621

Fifth: Pass each thumb away from you over the far thumb string, and pick up from below on the back of the thumb the near little finger string, and return the thumb to its position (Fig. 622).

Fig. 622

Sixth: Pick up from below on the tip of each index the far thumb string (Fig. 623), and pressing the thumb against the index, straighten the latter, and hold the string high on its tip. Turn the palms away from you (Fig. 624).

Fig. 623
Fig. 624

Seventh: Swing the left hand down so that the palm is toward you and the fingers are directed to the right, and at the same time swing the right hand so that the palm faces away from you and the fingers point to the left. Draw the strings tight (Fig. 625).

Fig. 625

The "Turtle" has the same final pattern as the "Bagobo Diamonds" and it is likewise extended vertically. If the next figure, "Ten Times," be formed from the "Bagobo Diamonds" it will eventually come back to the "Turtle," with simple loops on the thumbs and index fingers. The opening movements, although resembling the opening movements of the "Pygmy Diamonds," are found only in this figure; the later movements are like those in the two preceding figures.