Chapter 10

Geographical distribution of string figures—A few invented figures—The ScarabThe LozengeThe SquareVariation of CoralTwo DolphinsVariation of the CrabSecond Variation of Ten Men.

Geographical Distribution of String Figures

Figures whereof the finished patterns are similar to the figures described in this book, but concerning the methods of forming which we have no information, are preceded by an asterisk.

Figures known only from the finished patterns are preceded by two asterisks.

The names adopted for the figures described in this book are given first, the name by which it is known in another country, or tribe, is given below as a synonym. A synonym preceded by an asterisk indicates that a finished pattern is so labelled, but we do not positively know how it is formed. The method of making the few figures preceded by a dagger are known, but have not yet been published.

A Few Invented Figures

  1. The Scarab
  2. The Lozenge
  3. The Square
  4. Variation of Coral
  5. Two Dolphins
  6. Variation of the Crab
  7. Second Variation of Ten Men